Thursday, January 20, 2011

How to join Muziq Madnezz Distribution Service

Muziq Madnezz Distribution Service

Things you need:

1. Dropbox Account (it's FREE for a 2gig account)
2. Paypal account (it's FREE too!, need a credit card or cheking account)
3. Computer w/internet (comcast or verizon etc.)
4. Pick a $15 a month subscription or $130 for the year ($50 savings) via Paypal
(at top right on the screen: Serato Subscription) ------------>

I will supply you weekly with new music every Wednesday...
Instrumentals (if availible)
Acapellas (if availible)
Exclusive Acapellas! (uhhhhh maybe lol)

You will recieve music from the following genre:
R&B, Hip-Hop/Down south, Reggae & Top 40 (Pop & House on request)
The difference between me and other pools is that you deal with me directly.
So if its something your looking for "HIT ME UP" and I'll get it for you.

I will make weekly "Drops" in your "MMRP 2.0" folder every Wednesday evening.
So check for your drop Thursday morning/evening.
It will be your responsibility to "Copy" the music from your
dropbox folder to your computer I suggest copying it Thursday or Friday.
 You can always hit me if you missed/forgot the "Drop". No problem!

I also set up your personal Dj folder for you. This folder is for song request
for whatever you may need or ask for. I will do eveything
in my power to get it to you in a timely manner...

There is also a MMRP Record Pool Facebook group where you can find
more music plus links to your regular weekly drops!
Only members of the record pool are in this group.

If you have all of the above that is needed to start your account
email me to get started today!

for questions email

How it works:

1. Sign up for a FREE Dropbox account
2. Sign up for a Paypal Account
3. Once you have your dropbox set-up and Paypal set-up hit me
I will send you an invite to your personal music folder.
4. You will accept the invite and a your personal folder will appear
in your dropbox (this is where your music will be uploaded to)
5. Now go to and @ the top
of the page is a paypal subscription link. Click the one you want to
start the payment process and once I get the confirmation its on!

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